14 March 2009

Martha's Vineyard Fiber Farm

Last October I had the pleasure of photographing Susan Gibbs and Erin McCabe hard at work tending their flocks at Martha's Vineyard Fiber Farm in MA.

Though their days in the field are long and strenuous, Susan and Erin kept me laughing so hard, it's a miracle any of the photos are in focus! I was so impressed by the strength of their caring for the animals and tried to capture images that reflect the deep bonds they have developed with their charges, as well as the details of their busy lives.

I returned home with dozens of fabulous images. Several of them can be seen in the new (May/June) issue of Hobby Farm Home magazine accompanying a great article about the origins and maintenance of MVFF, which is the first Yarn CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) in America. It is an inspiring story and I highly recommend it.

In this and subsequent posts I will share some additional choice moments from that shoot, so you can join in the fun...and the love.

Susan hand-feeding one of the angora goat boys

Erin providing transport

Tired of waiting for lunch to be served

Back you go

And how are you today?

Puppy love

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