24 September 2008

Spoken For (Part 1)

A deer just told me off. Really. Brujo and I were enjoying our evening constitutional when he paused to take care of some personal business. While waiting for him, I chanced to look up and not 20 feet away from us stood a doe, 4 little ones ranged out behind her, all feeding.

None of them moved, despite our proximity, though the Momma kept her eyes on us. Brujo must have eaten something he shouldn't have today, because he was taking a bit longer than usual. Ms. Doe seemed to know this and she had absolutely no patience for it. After the interval she thought appropriate had passed, she glared at me and stamped her left front hoof, clearly telling us to move on!

The fawns paused in their masticating, but didn't run. They had ultimate faith in their Momma and waited on her signal. Chastened by her forceful stare, I nodded, and urged Brujo to hurry it along. We trotted off and all five of them put their heads down to resume their meal.

This isn't the first time a wild animal has "spoken" to me (though I don't believe I have ever been told to shove off before.) It is always a magical and humbling experience. The wonder of it stays with me for days—that feeling of being touched by the extraordinary, in the middle of a very mundane moment, has a way of making all moments shiver with possibility.

How does it feel when wild creatures contact you?


Darx said...

Sadly my only significant interaction with a wild deer was hitting it with my car. Very traumatic-- I was hysterical afterward. Great photos!

Anonymous said...

I feel as you do A.
When I am lucky enough to communicate with another species it stays with me and humbles me. I enjoyed a tiny toad and a gardener snake on a recent hike. Not at the same time though that would have been interesting too. This itty bitty toad was not afraid of big ol' me and even bigger Paul and allowed us to hang and shoot a nice photo. We really appreciated it and I felt I got to see a glimpse of his point of view. I was grateful the universe brought my attention to this...in a cave no less. The snake crossed our path and wanted to be camouflaged. We did snap a few shots though. Very cool hike. The ice caves near Ellenville New York. I won't go into the cats & dogs I meet at people's houses as a doula. I could go on for days...

(A...I don't use the gmail address much. write to me at the yahoo one please)