08 September 2008


You know how life gets busy and you can become jaded? How sometimes it is so easy to stop paying real attention to what and whom you love? To choose, instead, to feel stressed, harassed, unappreciated, over-worked and sorry for yourself? I do.

But one day, if you are very, very lucky, your Sweetheart limps over to you, listing waay to one side cause he is having a disc problem flare up and is in excruciating pain. He stops and leans on the tallest available piece of furniture, one hand pressed to his hip, as if with his fingers alone he could stem the agony. He looks you in the eyes and tiny tears roll down his face, though he is fighting like mad to hold them back. He mouths a choked half-sentence to you, whispering for your ears only a truth he can barely allow to be real:

Your fingers float into the air of their own accord; they brush the wetness from his cheeks while you gaze into his beautiful, raw and open face. And then, if grace is truly with you that day, you experience a moment like no other. In an instant you are awake to how very much you love him, and all the tenderness inside you bursts out from under mounds of anxiety and to-do lists. You are awash in a healing balm so strong that all the soft, vulnerable, over-protected parts of you throw a sudden party. They can breathe freely again, finally, after months and months of slow asphyxiation!

And you (yes, like Harry Potter) are reminded once more that the ability to love is the single greatest power in the world, and that you, self-absorbed and over-anxious as you may at times be, possess that power in great abundance.

Then, and only if you are
the most fortunate and blessed being on Earth, your Sweetheart carefully, with great effort, bends down to kiss you.


Darx said...

Hooray, welcome to blog-land! And many get well wishes to your sweetie.

Sim1 said...

Referencing a "side note" Purring is one of my great salvations, and never fails to remind me of love and my deep capacity for it.

poet CAConrad said...

Adrianne, so BEAUTIFUL TO SEE you on the computer page TELLING US about bones waking.

And I do mean BEAUTIFUL.

Much LOVE to you,

Anonymous said...

Adriane, what a way with words you have!

Yes, we are the fortunate who know and appreciate true love, who accept the ugly with the beautiful, and are grateful for it all.


Anonymous said...

Wow, what a beautiful post! Thanks so much for sharing that moment. :-)
I'll send you an email privately too...love & hugs...

claridad said...


congratulations on getting your blog launched!

I will be a faithful reader. What a cool creative way to pass on insights to your friends and colleagues.

Looking forward to some bones-a-wakin'! I'm sure you will have lots of good witchy wisdom to share.



Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing this inspired awakening. Your sweetie sure is fortunate to receive the love of such a full and open heart.

Unknown said...

Oh Sweetie! I love this post so much. I know exactly what you mean. When I look into my sweetie's eyes all gets better. Love heals & thank goodness we have such love & can feel such abundance.

Sending you & your love tons of lovestuff & healing vibes.